Normally my mind is blank. I only find out what I think when I have an interlocutor, or when I am talking to an audience. As a therapist, I mostly listen (breathing in); as a teacher, I talk (breathing out). Here are some traces, cinders, footsteps of my out-breaths. . .

Therapeutic Use of Psychedelics Overview & Personal Journey Andrew Feldmar

Did You Used to be R.D. Laing?

(Full Documentary)

Psychedelic Therapy: Notes from the Underground Filmed at Breaking Convention 2015.

Interview with Andrew Feldmar on Conscious Living Radio



Az emberi kapcsolatokról...


Interjú Feldmár Andrással


Az önismeret, a játék, az álmok...


The Psychedelic Apprentice 

Psychedelic Science 2013 conference; MAPS

On Shame vs. Love

TEDxDanubia, 2011

Van élet a halál előtt?

Fliegauf Benedek filmje

Andrew and Colbert

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